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Website reviews packed full of great advice.

Use Compass to review your website and receive a custom–made video loaded with insightful and constructive advice. It will detail exactly where your website can be improved, considering your customers point of view and then discuss changes and new ideas focused around growing your business.

Use our videos to map out website changes.

Video is the perfect medium to quickly highlight potential issues and give you concise, visual feedback. This allows you to easily map out future changes to your site. Use additional Compass videos at each stage of development to point you in the right direction and avoid costly mistakes.



“Regular Compass reviews give our internal team a different perspective and help us to quickly restructure key pages to continually increase page retention and visitor conversion rates.”
Paul Kenyon, Co–CEO, Avecto

Simply great advice that covers a range of topics.

Your content & story

A great website is one that quickly gets across its story and products. It has to connect. So the first thing we consider is whether your website is clearly communicating what you actually do.

Navigation & Structure

We’ll give you the lowdown on whether your navigation is working for or against you, while digging into your site structure and page layout to see if they could be improved.

SEO & Digital Marketing

Get more people to your website by following our SEO and Digital Marketing advice. We'll highlight any quick fixes as well as consider longer term changes that will increase your visitor numbers.


The overall design of your website affects the initial and lasting impression people make about your brand and can either help great content stand out or hinder your communications.


We'll take a walk in your users' shoes and tell you what we think about the user experience and how it reflects on your brand, as well as how we felt interacting with your user interface.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Your website needs to capture peoples attention and convert them into customers. We will explore how you can increase your conversion rate and offer ideas to successfully grow your business.

Tap into over twenty years' experience.

Hello, I'm Stephen, founder of Compass. I’ve been involved in the websites and digital marketing for some of the UK's fastest growing companies, directly contributing to their becoming successful multi–million pound businesses.

So when you use Compass you're tapping into everything that I've learnt and continue to learn. You get carefully considered, relevant advice that is going to change your website and consequently, your entire business.

Each review is carefully tailored.

Every website review we create is unique, tailored around your business and marketplace. In the videos below you can see how we carefully consider what to focus on, giving you back a review that is relevant and offers ideas that will provide the biggest impact.


“Your review was perfect! I was expecting something thorough and helpful, but this still exceeded my expectations. I just wanted to say how impressed I was with the quality and quantity of insight you provided.”
Benjamin Haynes, CEO, Directus

Study Bundles

“While we have been absorbed in growing our business, it is this type of advice that has proved to be really helpful — allowing us to see our business objectively and introducing new ideas that we can use to move forward.”
Daniel Hinkley, Co-founder & COO, Study Bundles


“The Compass review has been great at highlighting a mix of quick and simple changes, along with some positive long term advice that I can incorporate into my eCommerce store as I develop and grow my business.”
Hayley Stoddart, Litlux Founder

Secure and private reports, with video emdedded.

At Compass we understand the need for prudence and anything you share with us about your business is held in complete confidence.

To enable this we use Vimeo on Demand who make things nice and easy. After you've completed the simple payment process, you can immediately stream your video review or download it to share and keep for future reference.

Pricing plans, cut to size.

We make it simple to work with Compass with two clear–cut plans to get you started and an essential monthly review retainer. You are able to download and keep your video review and will also receive a PDF with our written notes and key suggestions.

Compact Review

Get our best advice with the most pertinent points, condensed into a fast paced video that will quickly turn your website around.


Comprehensive Review

A deeper analysis of your website which includes competitor analysis, in–depth feedback and offers more digital marketing advice.


Monthly Growth Reviews

Bring Compass on board as part of an ongoing strategy to improve your website, digital marketing and social media.

£300 per month

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